Reading picture books together happily

Ms Wing Lo, Social Worker, The Salvation Army SKY Family and Children Development Centre
Young age children read storybooks in kindergartens, but in what reasons their parents still think that their children "Do not like reading?" In order to strengthen children's capacity in reading, parents start buying various books for their children to read. However, when their children is too young and don't know enough vocabulary, reading books with texts may not raise their interest in reading and maybe worse. Words maybe too difficult for the children to reading may bring them further frustration.  It may not only limiting their creative thinking, but also hindering their development on reading skills. Only can spell but not understand the meanings of the words, it is difficult for them to apply to their live situations.


Scientists Einstein believed that imagination is more important than knowledge. Picture books is a kind of picture-based story book . Through beautiful pictures, books are easier for children to enter into the authors' world, images and text play a series of imagination. Some of them may not have any word, which can give the children further chances of imagination, develop their joy of reading and build up their confidence in reading.
Children with dyslexia, will face pressure when reading.  Encouraging them reading picture storybooks, not only cultivating their interest in reading, but also allowing parents and children to roam the world together, stimulate the children's courage in asking questions, lead them to think independently and deeply, and to share their emotions.  At the same time, children can learn moral, interpersonal skills, culture and family relationships, and confidence in reading.  it is also a very effective and homey educational opportunities when reading the picture books, enjoying the stories and their meanings.