“Home Plus” Ha Heung Road Social Housing Application Form

The Salvation Army Social Housing Programme at Ha Heung Road, To Kwa Wan (the "Programme") was commissioned by the HKCSS. The two-year co-living project is expected to commence in November 2018. 79 individuals/families are expected to benefit from this Programme. The Programme is based on the co-living concept, where, for the first time, young people would be invited to partake and strengthen the harmonic, sharing and co-development element in the community. 

Co-living: individuals and families will be invited to live in the same apartment and help each other out day in and day out, to establish and cultivate loving and helping relationships  

Co-exist: by partaking each others' lives, dwellers would learn to build community and practice the co-living concept, thereby serving the community in return 

Application and eligibility:

1)Individuals / families who are living in poor condition (e.g. subdivided flats) and have been waiting for public rental housing for 3 years or more (preference to single parent families); Or young people who have accommodation needs; 

2) who are under employment and have applied for comprehensive social security assistance; and

3) who are willing to live with others in the same apartment. 

Costs: based on a percentage of income, or maximum rental subsidy for comprehensive social security assistance recipients. * Water and utilities would be prorated based on number of people sharing the apartment 

Duration of stay: up to 2 years

Location of the social housing: Tenement buildings at Ha Heung Road, To Kwa Wan

Application Deadline:2018-11-15

For further details, please refer to our Webpage or Facebook page.