1. To provide developmental and supportive services for children, youth and their families so as to attain their holistic development
2. To identify the families and groups in disadvantaged circumstances in the community, to strengthen their coping skills and build up their supportive network in the community
3. To strengthen the functions of the families and to provide residential and community care service
4. To advocate for the well-beings and holistic development of children, youth and their families


1. Children & Youth aged 6 to 24 and their families
2. School, Educational Institutions and NGOs


1. Children Development Services
2. Youth Development Services
3. Family Supportive Services
4. Outreaching Service
5. School Social Work Service
6. Sex Education
7. Service for Young Night-drifters
8. School Supportive Services
9. Youth employment service
10. After-school care Service
11. Service of Peer Parenting Counselors