1. To identify the carers with special service needs, and to provide support in the early stage
2. To enhance the confidence and elderly caring ability of the carers, to promote the continuous development of the elderly carers services
3. To facilitate the social and community lives of the elderly and carers, to enhance their living standards
4. To facilitate the communications, interflows, and sharing among the carers, to help each other
5. To encourage the carers to concern the policies and services of elderly carers, to develop  partner relationship with the formal caring system
6. To facilitate the community to recognize the role and social functioning of the carers, to promote the familial carer concept


1. Carers of the elderly, with no age and territorial limit


1. Counseling and Emotional supports
2. Training Courses
3. Mutual Help Groups of Carers
4. Counseling and Emotional supports
5. Training Courses
6. Mutual Help Groups of Carers
7. Carers' Resource Centre
8. Volunteer Services
9. Volunteer Services
10. Carers Hotline