1. Through the joint effort of our multi-disciplinary staff team, to provide quality residential services for the inmates by fulfilling their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.
2. According to the individual health situation and the self caring ability, of the inmates, to provide different levels of caring, to fulfill beyond the requests and expectations of the inmates, and to let the inmates enjoy fruitful and respectful golden years


1. Aged 60 or above
2. Disabled or frail persons: Assessed and referred by SCNAMO, physically medium to serious impaired


1. Educational & Developmental Activities
2. Health Education
3. Catering Services
4. Religious Activities
5. Counselling Services
6. Medical & Rehabilitation Services
7. Carers' Support Services
8. Professional Nursing Services
9. Respite Services
10. Enquiries & Referrals
11. Social & Recreational Activities