1. To assist those with difficulties in self-caring and their families, to provide adequate community supportive services
2. To design individual care plan for service users, in order to meet the basic daily living needs, to enable them to live in the community continuously 


1. General cases: Senior Citizens aged 60 or above with self caring difficulties and without other support person, ill-health or disabled and those families in need of assistance in daily livings due to sudden changes.
2. Disabled or frail cases: Assessed and referred by SCNAMO, physically medium to serious impaired and need of a series of caring services


1. Personal Care Services
2. Nursing Services
3. Rehabilitation Services
4. Escort Services
5. Meal Delivery Services
6. Home Care Services
7. Laundry Services
8. Purchasing Services
9. Caring
10. Health/ Home Safety Services
11. Cares' Support Services