1. Through the various services, to provide adequate support to the senior citizens so that they can live in the community continuously.
2. By community education, work for development of a caring and supporting community, to achieve the ultimate goal of Community Care
3. To encourage and assist the senior citizens to have profitable use of leisure time, to participate the community, to develop their own potentials, to enjoy a positive, health and happy golden age


1. Senior Citizens aged 60 or above and their families
2. General Public


1. Education Services
2. Community Educations
3. Volunteer Development
4. Mutual Help Organizations
5. Elderly Supportive Services
6. Canteen Services
7. Enquiries & Referrals
8. Retiree Services
9. Carers Support Services
10. Counselling Services
11. Counselling on Phone Service
12. Bathroom Services (Provided by both DECCs)
13. Religious Activities
14. Drop-in Services
15. Laundry Services  (Provided by both DECCs)
16. Advocacy