The Salvation Army Social Services Department 救世軍社會服務部

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Nam Tai Centre for Senior Citizens
G/F Nam Tai House, Nam Shan Estate, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon
TEL: (852) 2779 5983
FAX: (852) 2779 6924
To centre encourages and assists the elderly to fully utilize their leisure time, to participate in the community and to develop their potential, so that they can enjoy a positive healthy and happy old age. The services aimed at: 1. Provide social and recreational activities for seniors to encourage active participation in community; 2. Encourage senior citizens to care about their community and social issues and develop the spirit of volunteerism; 3. Promote healthy ageing, developmental and educational service; 4. Support and promote the qualifty of life of the disadvantaged groups and their carers.