The Salvation Army Social Services Department 救世軍社會服務部

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Ngau Tam Mei Community Development Project
Kai Tak School, Wai Tsai Tsuen, Ngau Tam Mei, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong
TEL: (852) 2482 7175
FAX: (852) 2482 6187
The Project started the service at 1993. It mainly provide community development services for the residents living in villages of Ngau Tam Mei District in Yuen Long. By using various community work approaches, workers would carry out in depth contact with the residents of different age groups (such as senior citizens, families, women, youth), in order to understand their needs and provide appropriate services for them: 1. To promote the relationships and build up mutual support network between neighborhood, in order to support those in need and promote mutual care message. 2. To encourage residents to participate and build up the sense of unity, in order to care the community.