The Salvation Army Social Services Department 救世軍社會服務部

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Kowloon City Family Support Centre
Flat C, 1/F Po Shing Mansion, 157-159 Kowloon City Road, Tokwawan, Kowloon
TEL: (852) 2768 9298
FAX: (852) 2768 8935
The Salvation Army run the centre from April 2011 after accepted the subvention from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. A project called ‘Family friendly Community-based Project”. It is aimed to reach those endanger families in need (of new arrivals, low-income and single-parent families) in the Kowloon City. In addition, the center also received supports from Community Chest with effect from April 2014. It support the baseline services in implementing the "Child and Family Support Scheme", in providing supports to the families with conflicts and problems on child relationship. Family functions of those families in need is strengthen by social workers visiting homes, training of the Fun Ambassadors and the playing of the community games.