The Salvation Army is an international Christian church and charity committed to transforming lives, caring for people and making disciples.

We are called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to supporting the people in need in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China; and strive to respond to local needs, emergencies and disasters with the love of God. Our work spans a diverse range of areas including, but not limited to:

  • People with Spiritual Needs
  • Disadvantaged Elders
  • People with Disabilities
  • Disaster Survivors
  • Families facing Crisis
  • Children and Youth
  • The Marginalised Minorities
Please donate to support The Salvation Army to help the people in need.
Mail or fax the completed donation form with your donation settled by (if require a receipt):

  1. Credit Card
  2. Cheque payable to The Salvation Army
    • Direct Transfer to bank accounts of The Salvation Army
    • -HSBC 143-2-013116
    • -The Bank of East Asia 515-10-50541-3
    • -Bank of China (Hong Kong) 012-878-1-061887-6
    • -Hang Seng Bank 385-094180-001
  3. 7-Eleven
  4. PPS - Registered PPS user can dial 18031 or visit PPS website. Enter The Salvation Army's merchant code 9435, and your telephone number as the account number.