on March 25, 2017
Last Updated: December 13, 2017
Created: March 25, 2017

IHQ 'Stand Up For Justice' Resources -

Prayer  2017 Prayer

Sunday School Lesson  2017 Sunday School Lesson

Bible Study  2017 Bible Study

 Sermon Outline  2017 Sermon Outline<

Moral Issues Workshop -

2016 TSA Moral Issues Workshops  2016 Poster

Resources at Global Chinese Ministries Training Centre (GCMTC), No.1 Lung Chu Street, Tai Hang Tung -

The Command’s Resource Centre now provides a series of new donated publications which are open to EVERYONE to read and to borrow. These publications focus on different areas of ministries such as social justice, theology, dissertations & theses, Wesleyan Theology as well as the Army’s journal of Theology and Ministry ‘Word and Deed - November 1998 – May 2017’.

October 2017 Book Resources