Enrolment Methods
1.Online Enrolment
2. Download Enrolment Form
Event Schedule
12 September Enrolment Begins
9 November Enrolment Deadline & Last Payment Date
12-15 November Confirmation for Entry
17-18 November Event Days
After receiving the completed enrolment form, The Salvation Army will notify the contact person of team of the online “Team Page” login details by Email. By logging in to the Team Page, you can revise the team details, submit donations and send out fundraising invitations. Please contact us at 2783 2323 if you do not receive our confirmation email one week after the enrolment forms are submitted.
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Schedule of Competition
17 Nov 12PM to 2:15PM (Due to venue restriction, we have to suspend the registration of this session)
17 Nov 1PM to 3:15PM (Registration is finished.)
17 Nov 3PM to 5:15PM (Registration is finished.)
18 Nov 10AM to 12:15PM (Registration is finished.)
18 Nov 1PM to 3:15PM (Registration is finished.)
18 Nov 3PM to 5:15PM (Registration is finished.)
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  • Each participating team should comprise an adult and a child aged 14 or below. In view of the game’s physical requirement, parents or guardians should consider the child’s age and physical conditions when enrolling to the event.
  • All participating children will be asked to provide a parent / guardian‘s consent letter when registering to the event on 13 November.
  • Please send donations to The Salvation Army together with the sponsorship form on or before 9 November, 5:00PM to guarantee admission.
  • Confirmation for entry to the event will be sent to the contact person by email during 12-15 November.
  • Public Liability Insurance and Group Personal Accident Insurance for the event are covered by the Organiser. Participants, prior to the participation of the event, should purchase insurance to protect their interests, including injury or death. It is the participants’ own duty and responsibility to ensure the insurance coverage.
  • In case Red Rainstorm Signal / Black Rainstorm Signal / Typhoon Signal No.3 or above / Thunderstorm Warning is hoisted at 7:00AM on the event day (17/18 November 2018), the event will be cancelled. We will inform all participants by SMS at 8:00AM. Notice will be announced on the event website, The Salvation Army facebook or the mass media.
  • In case Red Rainstorm Signal / Black Rainstorm Signal / Typhoon signal No. 3 or above / Thunderstorm Warning is hoisted during the event, the event will be temporarily suspended or cancelled. All participants should stay in sheltered or covered areas, and pay attention to the broadcasting of the organizer.
  • The event will not be rescheduled due to inclement weather or under any other circumstances. Donations will not be refunded.
  • Participants irrevocably grant the organizer and any sponsors the right to photograph them during the event and have my name, voice, likeness and appearance made in photographs, sound, video or multi-media recordings relation to the event and to use in perpetuity throughout the world, in all media now known or hereafter devised for organizing events, advertising and promotion.
  • The Salvation Army reserves the final rights of admission and adjustment of the event arrangement.
Disclaimer and Indemnity
We, the undersigned, wish to enter as a team to participate in The Salvation Army Family Adventure (the event). We jointly and severally confirm and agree that we shall comply with all relevant rules, regulations, ad-hoc arrangement, and/or decision made by The Salvation Army (TSA). We take part in this event entirely at our own risks and we shall not hold TSA, any sponsors and/or supporting organisations responsible for any risk of injury or death, whether caused by negligence or by accident, and/or for any damage to, loss or destruction of personal properties during the course of the event. We shall also agree to indemnify or reimburse TSA in respect of any additional expenses or costs incurred by TSA arising from or in connection with our participation in the event.
Parent Consent
I agree to allow the child/children to participate in The Salvation Army Family Adventure and declare that his/her health condition is suitable for the activity.
Undertaking to Raise Sponsorship
We, the undersigned, jointly and severally undertake that all funds raised directly or indirectly from our participation in the event shall be paid in full to TSA without delay.
Use of Personal Data
Your personal data collected will be kept strictly confidential for processing donation and issuing receipts. To keep you connected with The Salvation Army, your contact information (name, telephone number, email and address) will be used for our communications, fundraising and conducting surveys.