"We value every child as a precious gift from God."
With Christian love, we strive to provide quality preschool education services. Our curriculum, environment and learning experiences are tailored according to the children’s development needs to ensure their holistic and balanced growth on Physical Development, Cognitive and Language Development, Affective and Social Development, Aesthetic Development and Spiritual Development.

Our service is child-centred and emphasizes the whole person development of our children for acquiring sustainable abilities and virtues.


With the love of Christ, we believe

  • Children are individuals with unique potential and are capable learners.
  • Children develop independent learning and thinking through the guidance of teachers.
  • Children increase their exploration interests and abilities through active learning environments.
  • Children learn according to their developmental phases.
  • Children grow in virtue in a mutually respectful, harmonious and loving environment.
  • Kindergarten and family unite in nurturing children to grow healthily and happily.