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2019 Women’s Ministries Bible Studies ‘On the Way to Heaven’

HEAVEN is the theme of a new 12-part series of Bible studies for 2019 from The Salvation Army’s International Headquarters Women’s Ministries team. ‘On the Way to Heaven’ is inspired by the text of Philippians 3:20 (‘our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Saviour from there, the Lord Jesus Christ’), and each study explores how Christians’ heavenly citizenship influences the way we live on earth.

Each part includes four sections that can be undertaken individually or as a group discussion – ‘What the Bible says’, ‘Our lives today’, discussion questions and ‘Our journey to Heaven’. Topics in ‘On the Way to Heaven’ include ‘Heaven is real’ (focusing on John 14), ‘Heaven’s sacrifice’ (Hebrews 9), ‘Heaven’s ambassadors’ (Luke 4) and ‘Heaven for all nations’ (portions of Genesis 11, Luke 13 and Acts 2).


The Bible studies can be accessed on The Salvation Army's International website

2019 WM Bible Study