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Special Reviews

Special Reviews:

2018 Training Day

269 ladies came together in wearing shade of pink for ‘Women’s Health – Check, Check, Check’ on 27 May focusing on the awareness of Breast Cancer. It was an important day for all ladies enhancing their awareness and receiving accurate information regarding breast cancer by Dr. Polly Cheung, a famous specialist for Breast Cancer and the Founder of Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation. Two breast cancer survivors shared their stories on faith and hope. Group sharing, worship and sales table added to the day. 38 ladies who attended a Salvation Army women’s event for the first time indicated they are interest in being contacted.

2017 Women's Camp – Stewardship

This year, the Women’s Camp was held after liqiu, the start of autumn according to the Chinese calendar, but the weather was still very hot. Nevertheless, fellow sisters were filled with enthusiasm, with 107 participants, among which 9 were first-timers to the Women’s Camp. We also had 8 children coming along.

In the first evening meeting, those who opted for a barbecue gathered around the barbecue pit to chitchat as they shared the food. The organising committee prepared for those who did not join the barbecue a fruit platter design competition. Everybody shared their fruit in fun and laughter. The evening was rounded off in night devotion.

Effective Money Management

On Day 2, Lt-Colonel (Dr) Wendy Swan first encouraged the participants on the theme of the Camp: In this new era, we have to be God’s good stewards and learn to become like Christ in every aspect of our lives. Two professionals were invited to speak on this year’s theme, ‘Stewardship’. Fellow women were inspired on how to effectively manage their money and reminded to save up some money to be used for the Kingdom of God.

Unlocking Talents, Helping Women and Others

Next came one of the highlights of the Camp - ‘Talent Show with HHP’. Women’s Ministries of various Corps set up their own sales booths under the theme ‘Unlocking Talents, Helping Women and Others’ to raise funds for the Helping Hand Project. The Corps were invited to briefly introduce the products they were selling. Fellow sisters displayed and presented their goods and snacks at their booths in excitement. They put in great efforts promoting their goods to draw more ‘customers’, turning the campsite into a bazaar or street market filled with laughter. Some sisters walked around in search of things they liked. Sellers and buyers were engaged wholeheartedly in the activity. The 11 booths set up by the Corps have raised over $8,000. Two sisters gave their testimonies to close the night.

On Day 3, fellow sisters prepared themselves to come before God. Everybody was dressed in their uniforms to attend the Sunday Holiness Meeting. This year, the campsite was further away from the city centre, but it didn’t stop the 15 sisters from English Speaking Corps in joining us to worship God. Officer Commanding Lt-Colonel Ian Swan also came to support the Women’s Ministries. In her sermon, Major Minny Chan encouraged fellow sisters to further study God’s words having converted to Christ for some time. Don’t worry even if we don’t understand. Our willingness to learn, trying our best to understand His Words and putting them to practice in our service are proofs that we are His faithful stewards.


2017 Training Day

116 ladies gathered together for ‘Transformed in Finances’.  After listening to the professional speaker, Mr. Moses Lui, ladies had learned: 1. What the Bible says about financial planning; 2. how to manage their money better; and 3. how to put the knowledge into practice.  After the talk, ladies also had time to share and pray for one another.


2017 WM Leaders Retreat Day

56 women leaders and prospective leaders in WM from corps and CHQ took part in a day of retreat on 12 March at the Global Chinese Ministry Training Centre. It was a fruitful experience as the women shared in a time of learning, Bible Study and group activities. 


2016 Women’s Ministries Camp

From 26 to 28 August, 173 ladies from 16 corps and 1 outpost joined together for 2016 Women Camp.  he theme “Joyfully His – at home, at work and at faith”. Ladies enjoyed various programmes such as seminar, interest group, worship and two special nights facilitated by corps ladies. During the camp, ladies enjoyed setting apart for having discovered joy in their spiritual life, meeting old and new friends, learning how to make stress positive and having physical rest.  
2016 Training Day
On May 28 afternoon, 151 ladies gathered at The Salvation Army William Booth School Hall for the Training Day with the theme “To love ourselves by living out a balancing life – at home, at work, at faith”.  Ms Ivy Chung from Hong Kong Christian Service spoke on the theme with lively games and workshop. Before the talk, ladies had one hour to enjoy 8 stalls running by 3 social units and 5 corps. After the talk, ladies were being reminded that they are the treasure of God and should love themselves as much as possible. And they did make the promise - to be good to their own being. 


2016 Women's Rally

GENERAL André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox (WPWM) joined in Chinese New Year celebrations when they visited the Hong Kong and Macau Command to lead meetings that recognised God’s faithfulness across 100 years of Salvation Army ministry to Chinese people. 204 ladies gathered together at a grand hotel ballroom on 20 February afternoon for the Rally to celebrate the theme of ‘Joyfully His’ . Commissioner Silver Cox encouraged ladies by her message and participation. At the celebration, women from the command presented a drama portraying female voices throughout the past 100 years. It was capped by a dynamic testimony from 86-year-old Major Elaine Lo, who reflected the theme of the meeting in her witness that she is ‘Joyfully His’. Six ladies recommended by their corps officers and leaders were recognized for their faithful and enthusiastic service for the women’s ministry.



2015 Women’s Ministries Training Day

With the theme of ‘A Date with Beauty’, 172 persons came together in the afternoon of Sunday, May 31, 2015 to attend the 2015 Women’s Ministries Training Day held at The Salvation Army Tin Ka Ping School Hall.
Before the official start of the WM Training Day, there were activities of ‘Health Testing/Grading’ and ‘Corps’ Sale Fundraising for 2015 Helping Hand Project – Kowloon City and Tung Chung Corps’ starting from 2:15pm launched at the specified area.  The meeting was started at 3:00pm with the worship leading by Shatin Corps’ team members, the whole congregation was being led through singing and praying into ‘a Date with Beauty’, and then Major Alice Tsou addressed a short but remarkable welcome to the audience. This was closely followed by wonderful gymnastics by the SA International Praise Dance Team under Major Sara Tam’s supervision, of whom will join other team members to perform the same at the International Congress in London very soon. The praising gymnastics was tremendously showing every beauty of movement between firmness and softness, of which was greatly admired by every audience.
Following with the above excitement, all participants had changed their focuses onto the sharing of Dr. Liang Hao Rong on the topic ‘Health Care and Acupuncture Points’. This area of knowledge would definitely enrich every lady’s life into a healthier and more beautiful level.
Time went extraordinary quickly - special tea refreshments were being served to all participants while they were still in raptures over their finding of the ways how to live out healthier and more beautiful.  The refreshments included delicious freshly made biscuits - all ladies expressed their surprise and appreciation for all these through their 'gleaming' eyes contacts with the serving sisters.
After a short while, it came the next talk on topic ‘Women and the Second Conversation’, of which the speakers were two ladies - a mother and a daughter.  The daughter (Dr. Karen Ho) was an obstetrician and her mother was an experience nurse. They taught about the process of menopause and shared how to go through it in an easy way.  This sharing helped the ladies to get rid of their hidden worries about the coming of menopause – they learned a lot!
At the end of the meeting, every participant had been given a delicate fan as a gift, and each fan was written with a bible scripture by the Kowloon Central Corps’ calligraphy class members for spiritual encouragement.
With all the excellent sharing on the practical health care knowledge and spiritual comforting support, I believe undoubtedly that all the participants had been greatly benefited from the meaningful afternoon.


2015 Women’s Ministries Camp


2014 Women's Ministries Training Day - Human Trafficking Awareness

Sunday, June 8th, 2014 saw the Women’s Ministries Department sponsor the Command’s first ever Human Trafficking Awareness seminar at Kowloon City Corps. 137 men and women gathered together to be challenged with this social evil in Hong Kong which is now known as the third largest transit city for human trafficking.

Three speakers from newly founded partnerships (Christian Action, Cedar Fund and Liberty Asia) came to enlighten and share present challenges of the Christian community with regards to trafficking – both labor and sexual in nature. This was followed by an informative time of Q & A as well as group discussions and activities to reinforce the staggering statistics and stories of victims.

Closing moments included a large paper prayer chain spanning the auditorium which after spoken prayer was broken, representing the breaking of this power over men and women. An invitation was given to ‘receive’ a barcode stamp on the inside of the arm as a sign of solidarity and commitment to personally raise awareness and raise voices against this injustice both globally and in Asia.

People were generous in their giving and the funds have been applied to the Helping Hand Project of which Human Trafficking is one of the foci this year. As those who attended left the building, many signed a life size wall petition calling for a stop to human trafficking. The petition was sent to Command Leadership requesting the Army to increase its participation in the community and government arenas regarding this social issue. First steps in an important journey!


2014 Women’s Ministries Camp


The International Day of the Girl

The Salvation Army in Hong Kong and Macau joins millions around the globe in celebrating “The International Day of the Girl” on 14 October 2014. We believe that girls are created in the image of God and seek to provide every opportunity socially, educationally and spiritually to empower them to discover and experience the wonder that is – being a girl.


The Salvation Army 150th Anniversary

In response to the International Congress at London in 2015, the Women’s Ministries invited different units of corps (church), schools and social service to make triangle bunting flags. We collected 162 pieces at the end and shipped to the International Headquarters at London.  


2014 Celebrate Women

225 came together to ‘Celebrate Women’ at the fall rally Sunday afternoon November 30th.   William Booth Secondary School hall was filled with laughter, worship and wonderful fellowship as women from corps, social services and schools shared in hip hop jazz, scripture recitation, youtube segments as well as spoken testimonies affirming how great it is to be a girl in Hong Kong.

Special highlight of the afternoon saw the Command presenting cash and in kind gifts to newly formed partnerships in the fight against human trafficking.  More than $62,000.00 was raised for anti-human trafficking and the international officer children’s education fund.
The afternoon concluded with the affirmation and challenge that we are ‘born to change the world’.


2014 Helping Hand Project

Helping Hand Project (HHP) is an annual fundraiser for a specific project that focuses on the physical and social needs of people in a local community or of global concern. This year the focus is on raising awareness and funds to support anti-human trafficking as well as providing tuition for Salvation Army officer children in developing countries. From 1 April to 16 November 2014, our fundraising target was HKD$40,000.

Conclusion of 2014 Helping Hand Project

Total Amount raised: HK$62,477.26
Net Amount raised: HK$61,518.06

50% Officers’ Endowment Fund 50% Anti Human Trafficking
International Headquarters ‘Officers Endowment Fund’ $30,759.04 Parcels of Love $8,285.9
    Cash Donation to Liberty Asia $5,618.28
    Cash Donation to Operation Mobilisation $5,618.28
    Cash Donation to Eden Ministry $5,618.28
    Cash Donation to Christian Action $5,618.28
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