Training for Ministries

To equip members for ministry and to facilitate spiritual growth of officers, soldiers, junior soldiers and adherents, the Education and Training Ministries of the Command provides programmes for various groups, focusing on different areas of ministries.

Programmes are provided to support and guide members, assisting them to move into challenging and exciting experience with God and nurturing a passion to follow Jesus and to learn more about His word and work in the world. The Further Development Scheme provides and equips our pastoral team to guide and support.

Local Officers’ and Youth Training programmes are to equip local officers and youth of the Command with knowledge such as Orders & Regulations for Local Officers or Youth Leadership to deepen the commitment in local leadership.

The Salvation Army Leadership Training (SALT) provides all members (even non members) biblical skill studies in addition to what the corps (church) are supplying to our soldiers (church members).

The Global Chinese ministries Training Centre serves Chinese ministries around the world, providing resources, skill trainings, Chinese Bible studies and trainings.

The Resources Centre provides Christian books, musical materials and other related literatures for different members of The Salvation Army.