Prayer Area

Week ONE :     1 (Thu) to 3 (Sat)      
1. Pray for the extension of the existing human resources system to all Corps, trainings for coworkers, review of human resources policies and remuneration packages, and recruitment exercise for a few key positions.
2. Pray for implementation of English Speaking Corps strategic plan.
Week TWO :     4 (Sun) to 10 (Sat)      
1. Pray for newcomers that they will continue to come to worship in English Speaking Corps.
2. Pray for Soldiers of Tseung Kwan O Corps. With the power of the Holy Spirit, may fellow Soldiers experience the great power of the Spirit, may their life be transformed, so that they will have the courage to serve and witness God.
Week THREE :  11 (Sun) to 17 (Sat)
1. Pray for Adherents and Recruits of English Speaking Corps that they will continue to pursue Soldiership.
2. In 2018, Tseung Kwan O Corps organises evangelical and discipleship training, equipping fellow Soldiers with the Gospel. Pray that they will respond to God’s calling with love and bear fruit.
Week FOUR :   18 (Sun) to 24 (Sat)
1. Pray for faithfulness of Soldiers of English Speaking Corps in giving tithes.
2. Tseung Kwan O Corps and schools join hands in spiritual formation ministry, providing holistic education for students and their families. Pray for God’s grace upon these families, open the way and strengthen the Corps comrades to take up the mission of serving other lives.
Week FIVE :    25 (Sun) to 28 (Wed)  
Pray that God will grant the Human Resources Department staff members extra strength and wisdom to work together in faith when facing different responses and challenges. Guide them to complete the works by using their experience, resources and wisdom. Build together in order to accomplish God’s purpose. May the works that they do glorify Him and benefit others.



You may download the Prayer Card here