Prayer Area

PRAYER TOPICS – October 2018


Week ONE : 1 (Mon) to 5 (Fri)

  1. Pray for Tai Po Corps Education Sunday on 7 October that more school colleagues will come to worship God together compared to last year.
  2. Pray for new meeting attempt for children participants of Vocational Bible School (VBS) on Sunday at Tai Po Corps commencing 7 October.


Week TWO : 6 (Sat) to 12 (Fri)

  1. Pray for the Melody Corps as they build lives together. Pray that all are willing to make an effort in serving the church and fellow brothers and sisters, taking care of those who are easily neglected in particular.
  2. Annual planning meeting of Melody Corps will be held on 13 October. Pray for Local Officers as they discuss and plan for the future development and goals of the Corps.
  3. Pray for all soldiers of Tsuen Kwai Corps will support the Corps Goals by making an effort and donations.


Week THREE : 13 (Sat) to 19 (Fri)

  1. The Melody Corps continue to organise different activities to reach out to the community, giving participants opportunities to learn about faith.
  2. May the Lord lead Tsuen Kwai Corps to start the Holistic Ministry Programme Planning by the end of 2018.
  3. Pray God to give peace to the staff of Property Department in facing any changes and challenges.


Week FOUR : 20 (Sat) to 26 (Fri)

  1. Tsuen Kwai Corps are blessed to have part of Funding from Development Department to start their new initiatives in Parents Effectiveness Training to recruit parents from Command Ministry units to join the group in the Corps. Please pray for the group.
  2. Pray for Shek Wu Corps Plant Saturday Service ministry that more alumni, senior secondary students and their parents would love to attend.
  3. Pray God to give strength and wisdom to the staff of Property Department to handle all the property projects.


Week FIVE : 27 (Sat) to 31 (Wed)

  1. Pray for the 2019 Strategic Plan and budget for Tsuen Kwai Corps.
  2. Pray for the success of caroling application to Tai Po Mega Mall this December by Tai Po Corps.
  3. Pray God to let the staff of Property Department to adopt the new working environment.