Prayer Area

PRAYER TOPICS - NOVEMBER 2020                                                  Prayer Items of November 2020

                                                               Week 5

Pray For Our City
The Lord will keep you from all harm - HE WILL WATCH OVER YOUR LIFE. (Psalms 121:7)

Officer Training College
Training Officer: Major Raymond, Cho Kam Cheong 
Praise & Thanksgiving
Thank God for the smooth learning of the Cadet-Lieutenants as the training commenced in September.
Pray for the 3 morning learning sessions of the Cadet-Lieutenants and the appointments for the Hong Kong Island East Corps. May God strengthen us.


PRAYER TOPICS - DECEMBER                                                                Prayer Items of December 2020

                                                                   Week 1

Kowloon East Corps
Corps Officer: Major Bruce Tam Chun Fai
1. Pray for vocation fellowship being affected by social movement.
2. Pray for more manpower in developing youth and women’s ministries.
Hing Yan Kindergarten/ Hing Yan Nursery 
Head: Ms. Lo Sau Fun
1. Pray that the coronavirus pandemic will come to an end soon, so that our children may resume their school routine and other activities as normal.
2. Pray that all students and staff of Hing Yan Kindergarten and their family members have good physical and mental health. May they be full of positive energy every day.
Germany, Lithuania and Poland Territory 
TC: Colonel Hervé Cachelin
CS : Lt.-Colonel Hartmut Leisinger
Officers 124(A68/R56) Corps 39 Cadets 2 
Sr Soldiers 787 Jr Soldiers 88
1. To give thanks for the development in Vilnius (Lithuania) and guidance for a new programme. 
2. To give thanks for the great support from the public both financially and otherwise during the pandemic. 
3. To give thanks for the wonderful initiatives our officers and Salvationists are displaying during difficult times. 
4. We are facing strong challenges with property management in Germany. 
5. We are starting a new venture in Poland. 
6. Prayer for Christmas programmes during these difficult times. 
7. Prayer for Cadet Tina Jatzkowski for the final part of her training in Canada and her placement in Germany in December. 
8. Prayer for more officers. 
Shatin Family Store
Service Supervisor: Ms. Elisa, Tao Suk Yin
1. The store’s revenue has been affected by the pandemic. Pray that when the pandemic goes down, customer flow will increase and our daily revenue will resume as normal. Also pray for good health for our shop staff, as they are frequently in contact with donated goods, thus are at higher risks of contracting diseases.
2. Thank God for the store’s lease is extended for 3 years. This year craft products created by persons with disabilities are being showcased and sold at the store. Pray that it will not only promote a green living style in the neighbourhood, but also promote social inclusion for people with disabilities.