Prayer Area



Week ONE :     1 (Sat) to 7 (Fri)

  1. Give thanks to God for 4 new believers of Shatin Corps have completed the ‘Basic Christian Training’ and will be accepted as Recruits at the Holiness Meeting on 2 June.
  2. Pray for various ministries of the 15th Anniversary Celebration of Hong Kong Island East Corps.
  3. The preparation for the upcoming fundraising appeals and events in the second half of 2019.


Week TWO :     8 (Sat) to 14 (Fri)   

  1. Shatin Corps and Tin Ka Ping School are jointly organising a gospel camp for the School’s P6 graduates during 28-29 June, with a maximum capacity of 35.
  2. Pray for the promotion of tithing at Hong Kong Island East Corps.
  3. Pray that members of Kowloon City Corps will serve the community in one accord.


Week THREE :  15 (Sat) to 21 (Fri)

  1. Development Department gives thanks to the Lord for all His provisions. Please pray for the Development team and their collaboration with the community and corporate partners.
  2. Pray that the Army’s Community Housing Project will help relieve the tenants’ pressure through improved living conditions. More importantly, their spiritual needs will be taken care of.
  3. Pray for the life experience summer camp of Hong Kong Island East Corps, which will be held during 11-13 July, with a total enrolment of 92 participants.


Week FOUR :   22 (Sat) to 28 (Fri)

  1. Shatin Corps and 3 other Corps are jointly organising a summer gospel camp during 22-24 July, of which 25 seats are reserved for upper primary students of Tin Ka Ping School.
  2. Pray that through the services provided by The Salvation Army Kowloon City Family Support Centre more children may learn about the Lord Jesus.
  3. Pray that the Lord will grant good health to the Development team physically and spiritually.


Week FIVE :    29 (Sat) to 30 (Sun)

  1. Pray for the summer bible class of Hong Kong Island East Corps, which will be held from 22 July to 9 August, with a total enrolment of 39 participants.
  2. Pray that participants and supporters will get to know more about the services and ministries of The Salvation Army through our activities.