Prayer Area

PRAYER TOPICS  –  January 2019


Week ONE :     1 (Tue) to 5 (Sat)

  1. In 2019, Kowloon Central Corps will learn about community evangelism and putting it into practice. A topic related to the Great Commission, this is something new to the Corps. Pray that comrades of the Corps will be inspired by the Spirit of God, have a mind for mission and live a Christ-like life in various aspects of the community.
  2. Pray for both the physical and psychological health of the Army's coworkers. Pray that God will grant them extra ability and strength.


Week TWO :     6 (Sun) to 12 (Sat)

  1. Kowloon Central Corps continues its four strategic approaches: to equip with God’s Word, to equip for ministry, to live the Gospel, and to care about the community. Pray that God will continue to grant the comrades of the Corps strength and grace. May the Lord Jesus Christ’s graceful hands lead them. May the Holy Spirit equip them to become pleasing to God.
  2. Pray that the Army can hire the right persons for the right jobs, and attain a robust and stable workforce.


Week THREE :  13 (Sun) to 19 (Sat)

  1. Comrades of Kowloon Central Corps have various health concerns. Some are aged and feeble, some are in rehab after treatment, and others are pending treatments. Pray that our Great Physician will strengthen the weak with His great power, that the sick will be treated and recover speedy, and that those in waiting have faith and hope.
  2. Pray that brothers and sisters of William Booth Corps are willing to make changes in their spiritual life.


Week FOUR :   20 (Sun) to 26 (Sat)

  1. Pray for various community evangelical ministries of William Booth Corps:
    • Elderly community worship at Tung Tau Centre and Chuk Yuen Centre
    • William Booth Secondary School evangelical ministries: Power Up (teacher-student prayer meeting), Life Up (new immigrant cell group), Energy Up (religious cell group), Joyful Up (hymn sharing), and Friendship Up (religious group games)
    • Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre Gospel Bazaar
  2. Pray that everyone serving and working for the Army is filled with peace and joy, and be good witnesses for God


Week FIVE :    27 (Sun) to 31 (Thur) 

  1. Pray that brothers and sisters of William Booth Corps may strike a balance in their work, family and life to serve.
  2. Pray that our 2019/20 HR strategic plan can be carried out smoothly with God's blessings.