Prayer Area

Week ONE :     1(Wed)-4 (Sat)      
1. Pray for Kam Tin Corps for the adaptation and the body, mind and soul health of its Corps Officer, Local Officers and fellow brothers and sisters.
2. Pray for the planning of Christmas carolling activities of Wanchai Corps.
Week TWO :     5 (Sun) to 11 (Sat)      
1. Give thanks for the completion of various celebration activities of Wanchai Corps’ 70th Anniversary.
2. Pray for the future development of Melody Corps. May God grant brothers and sisters of the Corps a heart in building God’s Kingdom in one accord.
Week THREE :  12 (Sun) to 18 (Sat)
1. Pray for Kam Tin Corps as it plans for the activities, budget and direction of the coming year.
2. Melody Corps needs Junior Soldiers’ Leaders. May God touch the hearts of brothers and sisters who aspire to serve in the youth ministry to join the services.
Week FOUR :   19 (Sun) to 25 (Sat)
1. Pray for Wanchai Corps as it plans for the activities of 2018.
2. Pray that God will prepare manpower and resources for Melody Corps, so that the Corps may provide more community services in support of families and elders in need.
Week FIVE :    26 (Sun) to 30 (Thu)  
1. Pray for the lives of a group of university and college students of Kam Tin Corps. May God grant them wisdom and strength to strike a balance in their studies, family and service in the Corps.
2. Melody Corps has limited space for activities on Sundays. May God prepare the way as the Corps searches for suitable places.



You may download the Prayer Card here