Prayer Area

PRAYER TOPICS  –  August 2018

Week ONE :  1 (Wed) to 4 (Sat)

  1. Pray for evangelistic ministries of Tseung Kwan O Corps, including the follow-up of the children’s bible class jointly held with Hing Yan Kindergarten and parents’ seminars. May the children and their families get to know the Gospel.


Week TWO :  5 (Sun) to 11 (Sat)   

  1. Development Department gives thanks to the Lord for all His provisions.
  2. Pray for the Department and their collaboration with the community and corporate partners,
  3. The preparation for the upcoming fundraising appeals and events in the second half of 2018.
  4. Pray that the participants and supporters will get to know more about the services and ministries of The Salvation Army through these activities.


Week THREE :  12 (Sun) to 18 (Sat)

  1. Pray for new converts and Recruits of Tseung Kwan O Corps. May the Lord guide them to be assured of their salvation. Pray that they become the Lord’s faithful soldiers as they grow in His love.
  2. Pray for the new comers, Adherents, and Recruits of English Speaking Corps, that they will continue to serve God.


Week FOUR :  19 (Sun) to 25 (Sat)

  1. Pray for the expansion of Tseung Kwan O Corps in their Five Years Development Plan. Pray for God’s guidance as they serve the community. Grant and prepare them a suitable place for their expansion.
  2. Pray that Local Officers and Soldiers of English Speaking Corps care for the new comers.


Week FIVE :  26 (Sun) to 31 (Fri) 

  1. Pray for Corps Officers and leaders of Tseung Kwan O Corps, that they will live in holiness and nurture others in faith and wisdom. Pray that they lead their Soldiers to preach the Gospel in the community, so that God’s name will be lifted up.
  2. Soldiers of English Speaking Corps will support financially through their tithes and offering.



You may download the Prayer Card here