Junior Soldiers
What is a “Junior Soldier”?

Becoming a junior soldier is an awesome and exciting venture. The leaders are on a journey with their junior soldiers, guiding them, helping them, picking them up when they stumble.

Junior soldiership is a lifestyle, not a program. It is an opportunity for children to explore God's Word themselves and apply His truth to their lives. Junior soldiers are junior members of The Salvation Army. They are children who have made a decision to be a follower of Jesus and want to grow and express their faith through The Salvation Army.

Am I qualified to be a Junior Soldier?

If you’re aged between 7 and 13, you are the one we’re looking for! To become a junior soldier, you need to get the approval from your parents or guardian, and complete the junior soldier preparation course provided by the corps. When you are willing to know and accept Jesus Christ as your saviour, learn to be a loving and obedient child, as well as a faithful Christian, congratulations! You are now ready to become a junior soldier!

What is “Junior Soldier Ministry” about?

Through diversified activities, we strive to deepen junior soldiers’ understanding about God, develop various virtues and life skills; here come the all-rounded Salvationists!

This is achieved through:

Junior Soldier Gathering (class)

  • Studying the Word of the Lord, understand the truth, nurture virtues, values, and trust in God under all circumstances
  • Understanding the society, establishing good moral standard and serving attitude through the course
  • Establishing interpersonal relationship through activities
  • Learning about team spirit and mutual care

Junior Soldier Award Scheme

  • The Bronze, Silver, Gold and Crest awards are to encourage junior soldiers to nurture personal virtues and spiritual life in their family, school and corps (church).
  • Skill trainings on marching, cookery, first-aid, music and knotting, etc.

Other activities

  • United junior soldier camps and rallies
  • Service in the corps and the community, visitation to people in need