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Certificate for Bible Study
Old Testament Introduction
Speaker: Brother Lau Pui Kay
Date:  5 Sep – 24 Oct 2017 (Tue)
Time: 7:30-9:30pm
Venue: GCMTC
Fee: HK$380
Enrollment: 2195-0205  (Deadline: 4 Sept)
COURSE DESCRIPTION (Conduct in Cantonese Only)
This course is an Old Testament introductory course. It covers the background information of the ancient Near East world and the development of the Old Testament. Brief introduction for the formation, authorship and purposes of each Book will be discussed. It aims to stimulate the understanding of Christian doctrines though the Israelites’ history. 
The student will: -
  • have a general idea about the history, geography and culture of the Ancient Near East world
  • be able to interpret the Christian Doctrine through the history in the Old Testament
  • be able to recognise the authors, backgrounds, purposes, style and characteristic of each book in the Old Testament.
The student will: -
  • be motivated for further study on the Old Testament
  • be able to realise the interaction principles in Bible’s teaching 
  • be able to practice Christian doctrines by corresponding to the interactions between God and the Old Testament Israelites.
Certificate For Bible Study...