Kowloon Central Corps
Corps OfficerCaptain Joyce Lam
AddressP Floor, 11 Wing Sing Lane, Yaumatei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel(852) 2771 2555
Fax(852) 2771 3270


Holiness MeetingEvery Sunday 11:00am
Cell groups or other meetingHoliness Meeting for Young Children(6 years old or above)
Every Sunday 11:00am

Sunday School
Every Sunday 9:30am

Morning Prayer Meeting
Every Sunday 9:00am

Joshua Fellowship (Adults and Married Couples)
Every 2nd Sunday 2:30pm

Nissi Fellowship(Young Adults)
Every 3rd Sunday, after Holiness Meeting

Caleb Fellowship (60 years old or above)
Every 4th Sunday 2:30pm

Nathan Fellowship(Tertiary Students and Working Youngsters)
Every Tuesday 7:30pm

Women’s Ministries Group C
Every 3rd Wednesday  9:00am

Fellowship for Users of Street Sleepers Service Units
Every Wednesday 3:30pm

Bible Study Group
Every 1st and 3rd Friday 7:30pm

Fellowship for Children(Pre-school to Primary 1 Students)
Every Saturday 2:30pm

Junior Soldier Meeting(Primary 2 to 6 Students)
Every Saturday 2:30pm

Jireh Fellowship(Secondary 1 to 3 Students)
Every Saturday 2:30pm

Carmel Fellowship(Secondary 4 to 6 Students)
Every Saturday 2:30pm

Women’s Ministries Group A
Every 1st & 3rd Saturdays 2:30pm

Women’s Ministries – Bible Study Group
Every 4th Saturday 2:30pm

Fellowship for Parents
Every 2nd Saturday 2:30pm