William Booth Corps
Corps OfficerMajor Alice Tam
Address100 Yuk Wah Street, Tze Wan Shan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel(852) 2326 6888
Fax(852) 2326 0074


Holiness MeetingEvery Sunday 11:00am
Cell groups or other meetingHoliness Meeting for Youth(11-18 years old)
Every Saturday 3:00pm

Holiness Meeting for Young Children(2-12 years old)
Every Sunday 11:00am

Gathering of the Senior Citizens(Fitness class, prayer meeting, bible study)
Every Sunday 8:45am

Sunday School for Adults
Every Sunday 9:00am

Sunday School for Children(Pre-school)
Every Sunday 11:30am

Junior Soldier Class(Primary)
Every Sunday 11:30am

Soldier Class
Every Sunday 9:00am

Corps Cadet Class
Every Sunday 9:00am

Morning Prayer Meeting
Every Sunday 9:00am

Senior Fellowship(60 years old or above)
Every 2nd Sunday 9:30am

Toddler Class(2 years and 8 months or below)
Every 3rd & 4th Sundays 11:30am

Zion Fellowship (Adults)
Every 2nd Sunday 2:30pm

Couple Fellowship
Every 3rd Sunday 2:00pm

Women’s Ministries (Ruth Group)
Every 4th Sunday  2:00pm

Joy Fellowship for Teenagers(Primary 4 to Secondary 2)
Every 1st & 3rd Sundays 2:30pm

Women’s Ministries (Small Group )
Every 1st & 3rd Thursdays 10:30am

Prayer Meeting
Every Thursday 8:00pm

Luke Fellowship(Adults)
Every Saturday 4:00pm

Daniel Fellowship(19 years or below)
Every Saturday 4:15pm

Paul Fellowship(Adults)
Every Saturday 6:30pm

Enoch Fellowship(Adults)
Every Saturday 7:30pm

Jireh Fellowship(Adults)
Every Saturday 7:30pm

John Fellowship(Adults)
Every 1st Saturday 8:00pm