Melody Corps
Corps OfficerMajor Jeremy Lam
AddressG/F., Tip Ying House, Butterfly Estate, Tuen Mun, N.T.

Tel(852) 2467 1151
Fax(852) 3013 8774

Holiness MeetingEvery Sunday 11:00 am (with meeting for children aged 2 to Primary 5)
Cell groups or other meetingBible Study Class
Every Tuesday 8:00pm

Taekwondo Class
Every Wednesday 6:30pm

Men’s Fellowship
Every 3rd Wednesday 8:30pm

Dawn Prayer Meeting
Every Thursday 7:00am

Adult Fellowship
Every Thursday 11:00am

Evening Prayer Meeting
Every Thursday 8:30pm

Timbrel Practice
Every Friday 8:00pm

Youth Fellowship
One to two times on Saturday every month 2:30pm

Praise & Prayer Meeting
Every 1st, 2nd & 3rd Saturday 6:30pm

Joint Fellowship
Every 4th Saturday 7:30pm

Joshua Fellowship (for Adult)
One Saturday every month 7:30pm

E+ Fellowship (for Youth)
Every Saturday 7:30pm

Over 60’s Club
Every 1st Sunday 8:00am

Band Practice
Every Sunday 9:00am

JS Fellowship
Every Sunday 9:30am

Bible Study Class for Aged
Every Sunday 9:45am

JS Class/Sunday School
Every Sunday 11:30am

Songster Practice
Every Sunday 1:00pm

Worship Group Practice
Every Sunday 2:00pm

Women’s Ministries Fellowship
Every 4th Sunday 2:30pm

Couple Fellowship
Every 3rd Sunday 3:00pm