Corps Cadets
What is a “Corps Cadet”?

Corps cadets is the ministry we provide for young Salvationists aged between 12 and 21. This training integrates knowledge, community life and practice. It aims at nurturing active followers of Jesus Christ and loyal Salvationists, who will manifest God’s love and bring blessings to the community. It also facilitates youngsters to explore and develop their leadership ability, to become excellent and faithful Salvation Army leaders.

Am I qualified to be a Corps Cadet?

You are qualified to be a corps cadet if:

  • You are aged between 12 and 21
  • You have joined The Salvation Army for at least 2 months (as junior soldier or senior soldier)
  • You are willing to commit yourself to the training as a follower of Jesus and Salvation Army leader
  • You have completed the preparation class provided by the corps

What do you expect from the Corps Cadets?

Corps cadets are required to follow the prescribed course of training, to attend classes and meetings as regular as possible (including corps meetings, Youth Councils and other rallies), and to serve the corps and community. As active Salvationists, corps cadets are expected to obey the instruction of corps cadets guardians, and wear uniform or apparels with Army symbols. This is a recognition of our identity as Salvationists, and a manifestation of God’s loving presence in the community.

Corps cadets promise to obey the Army principles by abstaining from the use of tobacco and harmful drugs, from alcohol and gambling. It is also necessary for corps cadets to submit assignments punctually, sell or distribute Salvation Army literature, and attend or take a Young People Sunday School. All these aim to cultivate them as proper and responsible leaders.

Many excellent God-loving leaders in The Salvation Army were once corps cadets. The years of training have laid a good foundation for their understanding in God, their relationships with God and other people, as well as their service skills. We sincerely invite you to take part in this wonderful life-shaping journey!