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The Salvation Army x Hulu Culture x Yau Tam Mei Rural Committee
Rediscover Ngau Tam Mei Community through Art
Ngau Tam Mei is located in eastern Yuen Long with a large piece of green area. In order to increase people’s understanding of the community, The Salvation Army Ngau Tam Mei Community Development Project, Hulu Culture and Yau Tam Mei Rural Committee co-organise a cultural project, gathering local villagers and students to present the local history through art. A hiking trail, art signposts, wall art and wooden art facilities have been made and cultural tours will be organised for the public.
Hiking Trail & Art Signposts
The hiking trail starts from Yau Tam Mei Village Office till the minibus terminal in the western district of Yau Tam Mei Village. 20 scenic spots along the trail include an old school abandoned for 10 years, a traditional temple, Yau Tam Mei River, a goldfish pond, a sprout factory, etc. Signposts which tell the brief history of the spots were made by the design students after interviewing local villagers.
Wall Art
Four pieces of oil painting are made on the walls of the village houses. One is located in the eastern district of the village, illustrating the old lifestyle in the 1950s and 1960s when farmers and children enjoy a simple rural life. The rest are painted in the western district, reflecting the villagers’ nostalgia for the past.
Eastern Yuen Long
Ngau Tam Mei is situated in San Tin rural area in eastern Yuen Long. There are several villages accommodating indigenous inhabitants and non-indigenous residents. Yau Tam Mei Village is one of the biggest villages in Yuen Long which still keeps the agricultural landscape. Back in the day, the word “Ngau” was replaced by “Yau” while naming the village primary school, so the name of the village changed accordingly. This piece of fertile land has ever been a popular rice farm. Most villagers are farmers who grow vegetables and raise livestock.
Public Tour
In order to promote the vitality and development of the community, the Army cooperates with Hulu Culture and Yau Tam Mei Rural Committee to organise public tours. The first one will be held in the “Ngau Tam Mei Market” event in November 2016.
“Ngau Tam Mei Market” Details:
Date: 20 Nov 2016 (Sun)
Time: 2:30pm – 5pm
Venue: Yau Tam Mei Village Office
Activities: Public tour, local farm products sale, local snacks sale
Public Tour
Time: 1:30pm
Venue: Yuen Long West Rail Station (shuttle bus service provided)
Capacity: 25 persons
Free of charge
Enrolment & enquiry: Mr Chan/ Miss Tang
2482 7175 / 
Oil painting on the wall of...
Oil painting on the wall of...
A village house in bright blue
A goldfish pond in the village