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Mid-Autumn Festival Parent-child Volunteer Programme
Foster Children’s Empathy with Elderly in Need
Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner. Besides enjoying moon cakes and playing lanterns, about 140 parents and their children took this opportunity to serve the elderly and experience their physical limitation, so as to foster their children’s empathy. 
In the Salvation Army Mid-Autumn Festival parent-child volunteer programme on 20th August, the family volunteers gave logistic support to pack gift sacks which include moon cakes, lanterns, biscuits, oats,tooth pastes, tooth brushes, etc. They also participated in experiential games, putting themselves in the elders’ shoes to feel the difficulties faced by the elderly in daily life. 
Woo’s family joined the programme because it can widen their children’s horizons and raise their awareness of social issues. Mrs Woo said, “Both of them enjoyed the programme, and learnt that even though they are small, they are still able to help.” Her serene daughter concentrated on drawing greeting cards to the elderly, while the outgoing son was thrilled to pack gift sacks and said, “Hurry to pack for the elders!” 
“I couldn’t imagine that my children who need our care in daily life have such a great sense of responsibility once they receive tasks,” said Mrs Woo.
With the assistance of the volunteers from Azona (HK) Ltd, today’s programme is the first caring activity of The Salvation Army Mid-Autumn Festival Appeal this year. In the following weeks, the Army will join hands with volunteers from companies and organisations to visit more than 18,000 people in need, including senior citizens, the disabled, grassroots families and the homeless, giving them love and light in the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Your donation to The Salvation Army Mid-Autumn Festival Appeal can help us provide support and care to the singleton elders. You are also welcome to donate moon cakes from 29 August to 9 September 2016, sharing the taste of festival with the less fortunate. 
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Moon Cake Donation
Collection Period: 29 August to 9 September 2016
Collection Points: Please click here or call on 2783 2333
The family volunteers give ...
The family volunteers give ...
Participants wear eye masks...
Family volunteers and Azona...
“I couldn’t imagine my chil...
“I couldn’t imagine my chil...
“I couldn’t imagine my chil...