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Summer Caring Programme
Deliver Electric Fans to the Elderly in Need
This summer is extraordinarily hot. The average maximum temperature in June in Hong Kong reached 32.4 degrees and the highest temperature was even up to 35.5 degrees. Sultry weather makes elders easily feel sick. However, the cost of living keeps going up, most grassroots elders are reluctant to spend money on new electric fans to improve ventilation at home.
To ensure a comfortable and safe summer for grassroots elderly, Midland IC&I Limited and The Salvation Army have organised an elderly care programme by presenting them with new electric fans. A total of 206 fans sponsored by Midland IC&I Limited are given to the elderly in need through the Army. Better air ventilation can help reduce the risk of heat stroke.
Today (28 July), Mr Daniel Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Midland IC&I Limited, and volunteers of Midland IC&I Limited, presented the fans to the first group of beneficiaries. Ms Mui, 85 years old, is one of the beneficiaries living alone in a small poorly ventilated public housing unit. She has low physical mobility and poor health. As the temperature goes up, she could only turn on an old fan with little energy. When a new fan was presented to her by the volunteers, she was overjoyed and said, “This is so great! Thank you all very much!”
This summer, The Salvation Army is going to give the electric fans donated by Midland IC&I Limited to 206 elders in need, so as to improve their living condition.
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