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Help the Youth See the Bright Side
The Salvation Army “I Am a Hope Builder Campaign”
In the fast changing world, we are flooded by a huge amount of information every day. It is difficult for our younger generation to stay calm to solve their problems and express their emotions. To prevent the youth from committing suicide, The Salvation Army launched the “I Am a Hope Builder Campaign” in April. The public are encouraged to care for not only the youth, but also their parents. Family is the first supporting network to the youth. If parents acquire the parent-child communication skills, they can help their children release stress and direct them to think positively. 
Targets: Both the Youth and Their Parents
On 10 April, The Salvation Army held a kick-off ceremony of the “I Am a Hope Builder Campaign” at The Salvation Army Tai Wo Hau Children and Youth Centre, gathering nearly 100 “Hope Builders”, who are volunteers of different ages from The Salvation Army Children and Youth Centres, The Salvation Army Corps (churches) and the commercial sector, including students, young working adults and parents. They swore an oath to walk with the youth in need and their families and called more people to become “Hope Builders”.
One of the Hope Builders, May Hui, started to help families in need through The Salvation Army three years ago. She knew an introverted girl who has a mother with serious mood disorder and a busy working father. The upset girl worried about her mother and the family’s financial condition very much, but had no one to talk to. Ms Hui then took the initiative to visit the family. Throughout a year, the girl considered Ms Hui as a good friend who would listen to her inner thoughts, such as worries about her mother’s condition and promotion to a faraway secondary school. Ms Hui has always been a strong supporter of the girl and the mother with timely recognition and encouragement.
Ms Catherine Mak, Service Supervisor of The Salvation Army Youth, Family and Community Services, said it is equally important to support both the parents and the youth. Parents may have personal problems or perhaps are not good at expressing care and love, which affects the growth of the youngsters. In fact, parents’ proper response can lead the youngsters with negative emotions out of blind alleys.
Become a Hope Builder
To help the youth have faith in hope, The Salvation Army will organise a number of activities from April to June in various districts in Hong Kong, including promotion of positive messages in the community, workshops for parents and youth camps with the theme of fighting adversity. Everyone in the community is welcome to become a Hope Builder through The Salvation Army children and youth centres in Chai Wan, Tuen Mun, Wong Tai Sin, Shatin, Yaumatei, Tai Wo Hau and Tai Po. Please contact us at or 2428 4581 before 30 April 2016. Join us to help our next generation!
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