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The Salvation Army Upcycling Product Exhibition
With amazing creativity, the disabled are able to turn unwanted materials into stylish products. “WeUse” is a new signature logo created by The Salvation Army Heng On Integrated Service for Rehabilitation for a series of upcycling products made by the disabled, such as colourful containers made of paper rolls, pencil bags made of tires, paper pads made of wooden wine boxes and bags made of second-hand jeans. Producing these eco-friendly products helps the disabled obtain more job opportunities, bringing them income as well as job satisfaction. The Upcycling Product Exhibition was held in Wanchai from 29 to 30 January. Free art workshops were held. People from different sectors shared the joy of the achievement of the disabled.
Sharing from Trainees
1. Leung Hon-wai, aged 35, is mildly mentally handicapped and physically impaired. He has joined The Salvation Army Heng On Integrated Service for Rehabilitation since 1999 and has recently taken part in producing wooden pads. Wai has gained new knowledge, skills and experience. More importantly he has discovered his strengths and interests which bring him a sense of achievement.
2. Ting Yuen-fung is a discharged mental patient and has performed field work for The Salvation Army Heng On Integrated Service for Rehabilitation since 2002. Now over 60, his legs become weak. After being transferred to the “handicraft production team”, he has discovered his talent and interest in wood crafting and joins hands with Leung Hon-wai to decorate the wooden pads. Ting says it is never too late to develop one’s talent at any age.
“WeUse” is a signature logo of a series of upcycling products which bring the discarded materials to life. The aims of creating this logo are to support local recycling green products and promote the handicrafts made by the Salvation Army disabled trainees. These products not only provide our trainees with more job opportunities to increase their income, but also enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem.
Contribution of Different Parties
The Salvation Army Heng On Integrated Service for Rehabilitation organises the programme “Dream Fly With Me - Amazing Upcycling Art Products", which is sponsored by Rotary Club of Hong Kong Northwest and supported by the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi), Mr Kevin Cheung, a famous local green products designer, as well as Mr Joe Yiu, a well-known local interior designer. Under the theme of “LOHAS Lifestyle”, a series of upcycling eco-friendly art products are made by the disabled.
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