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The First Mobile Service Station for Street Sleepers in Hong Kong
In a prosperous city like Hong Kong, we can still find homeless people living in dark corners. They are struggling with continuous unemployment, physical or mental illness. To help the homeless in the entire territory, The Salvation Army set up the first-ever mobile service station for street sleepers – “Health & Care Express” – in Hong Kong in September 2014, providing them with on-site health check-ups, nutrient food, employment information and support, etc. After a year of operation, The Salvation Army held a ceremony today (28 November) at Soccer Field, Macpherson Playground, Mongkok to thank for the support of The Community Chest of Hong Kong and the commitment of volunteers.
Since the 1980s, The Salvation Army has been serving the homeless in Hong Kong. The “Integrated Service for Street Sleepers” was formed in 2004 to provide a one-stop service to the homeless, including emergency assistance, temporary shelter, counselling, job referral, life transition support, etc. Between 2010 and 2012, The Salvation Army gained financial support from The Community Chest of Hong Kong to launch the “Strong As You Are” Project, which was newly designed for helping middle-aged single male street sleepers to build and develop a healthy lifestyle to avoid repeated street sleeping.
With the funding of The Community Chest of Hong Kong, The Salvation Army commenced the three-year project “Health & Care Express” – Mobile Service Station for Street Sleepers in 2014. This is the first-ever mobile station to spot and care for the homeless people suffering from physical or mental health problems, or long-term unemployment in the entire territory of Hong Kong. Voluntary programmes like “Cure Angels” Community Health Service Spots, “Night Guardians” and “A.C.T.I.O.N.” Work Enhancement Volunteerism help consolidate individual’s efforts to give the street sleepers a greater support. 
Cure Angels
A team of medical professionals and medical students volunteer to pay regular visits to the homeless, monitoring their physical and mental health conditions by on-site health examinations, basic medical treatment, escorting services for medical consultations and medical referrals. “Cure Angels” has helped Ah Kuen, a street sleeper with mental illness, to receive treatment. Two years ago, Kuen left home and disappeared. Although she was later found on the street, she suffered from mental disorder and refused to return home with her family. The Salvation Army social workers and “Cure Angels” then gave a helping hand to Kuen’s family. Observing the abnormal expression and behaviour of Ah Kuen, Dr Larina Yim Chi-lap, a psychiatrist, confirmed that Kuen had mental problem and lacked self-care ability. A health report was written for policemen and ambulance workers to send Ah Kuen to hospital for mental treatment.
Night Guardians
Volunteers receive training and pay regular visits to the street sleepers. Volunteer Toey said that the “Night Guardians” Programme helped her understand the importance of “love and respect”. The homeless need “love and respect” to find hope and their own value. 
“A.C.T.I.O.N.” Work Enhancement Volunteerism
Ex-street sleepers and other people from the community provide domestic cleansing, home relocation or small-scale renovation services to grassroots families. The volunteer team has helped a weak and poor lady to lay plastic floor tiles and conduct cleansing before she moves in her public rental housing flat, so that she needed not worry about the renovation cost.
In the following two years, The Salvation Army Health & Care Express will move on. Please join us to care for the homeless. You are welcome to contact us at 3188 5646 or
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