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The Salvation Army Family Adventure@Hong Kong Park Completed
An Exploration of Our City’s Eco Home
The Salvation Army Family Adventure@Hong Kong Park was completed yesterday (8 November, 2015). More than 1000 parents and children formed 328 teams, searching for checkpoints at Hong Kong Park, a home of various species of plants, fish, insects and birds. Parents accompanied their children to explore this interesting park and share the joy of accomplishment. The young participants also learned to care for the needy in our community when they raised fund. 
The Salvation Army Family Adventure has been launched since 2012, attracting numerous families to join every year. This year, the average age of children was 5.5 years old and the youngest participant was 1 year old. With wordless maps, parents and children cooperated to find 25 checkpoints at Hong Kong Park and answered 5 questions about plants and animals.  
After the game, certificates and medals were presented to children, and pop-up book workshops were also arranged.
Participants set off.
2-person team
3-person team
4-person team
Parents and their child coo...
Pop-up book workshops are h...