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Nepal Earthquake Relief
The Salvation Army Temporary Shelter for 1,000 Families
The Salvation Army is trying to set up a temporary shelter for 1,000 families. The shelter will be equipped with quality tents and provision of food and clean water. This is to help the survivors on restoring their right to life and dignity. An initial funding has already been released by The Salvation Army International Headquarters to provide tents and a large supply of essentials such as food, water and blankets. Three experienced emergency relief Salvation Army personnel have arrived in Nepal to work alongside the local Salvation Army officers.
The Salvation Army India Eastern Territory, which oversees Salvation Army work in Nepal, is sourcing food, water and other essentials, which it hopes to transport by road. The Salvation Army personnel from India will reach the Nepal disaster areas by 2 May 2015. Under the United Nations’ programme, all relief agencies and non-governmental organisations work together as part of a relevant “cluster” to cover as much ground as possible and avoid repetition. 
Initial reports that the house for The Salvation Army had been destroyed in the earthquake have turned out to be untrue, although it has sustained some damage. The place will soon become the coordination centre for the Army’s relief activities there. More proposals are now being reviewed and supports from all Salvation Army friends and communities are required and appreciated.
The Salvation Army in Nepal
In 2009, The Salvation Army started its services in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. We are now operating a corps (church), a community development centre and a café for skills and business programmes. More than 200 people are served by The Salvation Army. 


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