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Nepal Earthquake Relief
The Salvation Army Relief Team Assesses Needs
A magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck Nepal on 25 April, leaving more than 3,600 dead, over 6,500 injured. A number of houses were damaged or destroyed. Thousands of people lack water, food and shelters. Aftershocks and landslides make the relief work even more difficult. The death toll and the number of injury will continuously increase.
The Salvation Army officers in Kathmandu survived, but need to sleep outside as their building was damaged. Since the relief materials have not arrived, they are providing counselling services to the survivors. They said the most urgent needs in the affected area were relief materials such as water, food and shelters. The Salvation Army International Emergency Services personnel from London are going to the affected area, helping the Army’s officers to provide emergency relief work as soon as possible.
The Salvation Army has provided HK$500,000 for purchasing water and food for the survivors. The Salvation Army Hong Kong and Macau Command will keep in touch with the personnel in the affected area and decide further relief work after assessments.
Thousands of people lack wa...
A number of houses are dama...