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Jackie Chan and The Outdoor Shop
Bring Warmth to the Hidden Elderly Served by The Salvation Army
During the flu season, senior citizens are easily infected. The Salvation Army is delighted that, with the support of the artist Jackie Chan and The Outdoor Shop, more than 280 down jackets were distributed to the elderly in need, helping them resist the unstable weather and protecting their health. A presentation ceremony was held today (3 February 2015). This is the 20th Warm Action coordinated by The Outdoor Shop and The Salvation Army.
At the ceremony, Lieut-Colonel Ian Swan, The Salvation Army Officer Commanding and Salvation Army elderly representatives received down jackets from Mr Jackie Chan and Ms Lily Lee, Managing Director of High Performance Sports Limited. 
Through seven Salvation Army service units for senior citizens, the down jackets will be passed to the “hidden elders” who usually stay at home with limited family and social support. The Salvation Army social workers set up service booths on the street and conduct home visits to reach and talk with the solitary elders. Many of them are in poor health, living alone and isolating themselves from social circles. They don’t know how to ask for help even when they are in need. The down jackets from The Outdoor Shop will become a token of care, showing them the support of the community.  
Lieut-Colonel Ian Swan said, “Thanks are given to Mr Jackie Chan and Ms Lily Lee for their trust and donations over the past 20 years. Light and comfortable down jackets are useful and beneficial to the grassroots elders who are living alone. The Warm Action has been bringing warmth to the senior citizens through the chilly winter.” 


With the support of the art...
More than 280 down jackets ...
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