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The Salvation Army Shares Warmth in the Streets
Cares for Health Needs of Street Sleepers

(6 December 2019, Hong Kong) The cold weather warning is issued. The Salvation Army Integrated Service for Street Sleepers (the Service) cares about the needs of the homeless. Last night, the Service joined hands with Salvation Army corps (church), medical professional volunteers and several community volunteers to form a visitation team of over 40 members. The team travelled around the streets in Shamshuipo, Mongkok, Yaumatei and Tsimshatsui to give out blankets, as well as quilts and scarves donated by citizens or merchants, to people in need, helping them to resist the cold.

Housing, employment and health are three major aspects to solve the problem of street sleepers in the long run. The Salvation Army is always dedicated in supporting street sleepers in the medical care aspect. In future, we will continue to work with our medical professional volunteers to closely follow up with their physical and mental conditions through regular visits. If any citizens notice any street sleeper who may need assistance, please contact our Service team at 2710 8911.