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The Salvation Army and University of Hong Kong promote pain relief workouts
Reducing pain in elderly patients with chronic pain by over 20% in 6 weeks

(27 August 2019, Hong Kong) Patients with chronic pain suffer a great deal in their daily lives and emotionally. To get rid of the distress caused by pain, The Salvation Army Fitness Box advocates remedy of the root cause by workouts. Recently, together with the University of Hong Kong, we have launched a series of ‘Chronic pain management workouts’ with a combination of yoga, pilates, stretching exercises and physiotherapy, aiming to help patients aged over 45 with chronic lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain to improve their conditions. The team also conducted a research on the workouts. The results show that for participants who continued with the workouts for 6 weeks, their pain could be reduced by over 20%, among which the effect on improving lower back pain was particularly significant. Some participants even had their positive emotions and good sleep quality back!

Getting to the root of pain
A research team consisting of professionals from The Salvation Army Fitness Box and the University of Hong Kong conducted a research from last July to this March. 108 patients with lower back pain and 109 patients with neck and shoulder pain, all aged above 45, were invited to take part in the research. All participants have suffered from their pain for over 5-10 years. The research team divided the participants with the two types of pain mentioned above into two groups. One group maintained their usual daily routines, whereas the other group began one-hour pain relief workouts twice a week for a total of 6 weeks. The results confirmed that on completing the workouts, participants with lower back pain have their pain reduced by 26.5%, their lower back muscle strength increased by 30%, and both flexibility of the left side and right side of their lower backs were significantly improved, raising by 11 times and 18 times respectively! For neck and shoulder pain patients, the group of participants with workouts have their pain level reduced by 13%, and an increase of shoulder muscle strength by 12%.

Leung Tsui-shan, The Salvation Army Fitness Box trainer, stated that conditions such as uneven hips, uneven shoulders and frozen shoulders are common among elderly persons due to their daily habits or improper postures, resulting in muscle tightness, which induce pain. ‘According to different extents of pain and symptoms, the complete set of workouts is divided into the 4 levels of pain prevention, relief, treatment and corrective training. The workouts consist of a combination of various fitness training and therapeutic moves that address the roots of the pain, helping the patients to strengthen their muscles and reduce joint stress. If one perseveres and maintain good habits, it can thoroughly reduce the pain and slow down the deterioration of their body functions.’

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