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Recycling through ‘Trade-in’ Campaigns
The Salvation Army Finds New Owners for Used Items
Want to buy a new luggage to fit your needs better but don’t want to waste your old one? You can create a win-win situation by donating it to The Salvation Army via its ‘luggage trade-in’ recycling campaign to enjoy sales discount while helping others. 
Second-hand luggage is one of the best-sellers at The Salvation Army Family Stores among all the products collected via the recycling campaigns the Army has organised with 12 brands over the past year. Over 1,600 pieces of used luggage were collected and resold at prices ranging from HK$50 to 120. 
The Salvation Army Recycling Programme has also collaborated with 3 mobile phone brands over the past year and collected over 400 well-functioning smartphones and non-smartphones. 200 collected smartphones were transferred to street sleepers and grassroots elderly under Salvation Army service, whereas the remaining was sold for charity at the Family Stores. The donated phones come in helpful when street sleepers try to find a job and make a positive change for their lives. For the elderly people, smartphones help improve communication with their family and friends. The elderly learnt how to use these phones at workshops organised by the vendors. They beamed with delight when they successfully contacted their relatives and friends using the smartphones.
With the support of various brands, The Salvation Army collected other items in the past year, including clothes, shoes, bags, toys and televisions. Mr Ronald Ho, Senior Manager of The Salvation Army Recycling Programme said, ‘We’re grateful to the citizens for their in-kind donation of clean and undamaged items, so that people in need may either receive these items free of charge, or purchase them at a low price at our Family Stores, while the used items are given a second life.’
About The Salvation Army Recycling Programme
After the big fire in the Shek Kip Mei squatter area in 1953, over 50,000 victims lost their homes. The Salvation Army called upon the community to donate clothing to provide for the victims’ needs. Since then, The Salvation Army’s work in recycling materials has impressed the community. Many citizens donate their clothes at the Army’s Centres. To make good use of the donated items, since the 1960s, The Salvation Army Recycling Programme was established to systematically manage the donated clothes and goods. Donated items are sorted and distributed. Some will be directly sent to the people in need, such as elderly living alone, street sleepers, ex-prisoners and CSSA recipients. Others are sold in Family Stores. The net proceeds will go to The Salvation Army for use across its community programmes. 
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