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Mid-Autumn Festival Appeal 2018

Innovation and Talents - Creating a Fruitful Third Age

Longevity is no longer a dream in this advanced society. Hongkongers on average enjoy 20 odd years of life after retirement. Have you ever considered how to make those years meaningful?

Retired Third Age citizens would often feel frustrated as they are unprepared for retirement. Our lives are well-planned from birth, adolescence to adulthood. Yet, we rarely think of what to do after we reach retirement age.

This Mid-Autumn Festival, The Salvation Army sincerely invites you to support our Community Care Services, to help those in need, and to support the newly retirees to learn more about innovative technology in their retirement. In turn, they could enjoy a wonderful Third Age while helping other elderly in need.

Longer Life Expectancy - The Life Track of the Third Age

A report in 2017 from the Census and Statistics Department indicated that the life expectancy of people in Hong Kong has increased steadily for the past 47 years, from 67.8 years for males and 75.3 years for females in 1971, to 81.7 years and 87.7 years respectively in 2017. Apart from the change of the physique and livelihood, Third Age citizens might feel confused about planning their retirement.

Your donation will use to support the Third Age citizens, help them to develop a fruitful life in their retirement, and also provide assistance to others in need.

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Your Monthly Donation enables us to provide practical support and care to meet the needs of

  • Families facing crisis
  • Vulnerable elderly
  • Children and youth
  • People with disabilities
  • The marginalized


Donate Mooncakes and Share the Festive Joy with the Elderly

We sincerely ask for your continued support for the upcoming Mooncake Collection campaign, to share the festive joy and love to the needy in the society.

Mooncake collection period: 4th to 17th September 2018

For the collection points , please refer to Chinese version.

*Moon cakes of the following type and conditions will not be accepted due to food hygiene and safety concerns: snowy moon cakes, moon cakes manufactured outside Hong Kong and Macau, moon cakes without individual packing and expired moon cakes.

Mid-Autumn Festival Appeal ...