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Mother's Day Appeal 2018

A Gift of Love

Support Mothers with Special-educational-needs Children


As Mother’s Day is approaching, even for some of you like me who are not mothers, I am sure you would agree that mother’s love is one of the greatest of all. In the Scripture, the Apostle Paul described his love for the early church is just like how a mother loves her children which he was willing to sacrifice his life for them (1 Thessalonians 2: 7-8).


Giving the best to the children is every parent’s wish, but to some, when they realize their children are behaving differently and eventually find out they are diagnosed with autism, ADHD or developmental disorders, one could imagine how confused and hopeless they could be as professional follow ups are expensive and hard to find.


The Salvation Army SKY Family and Child Development Centre, a self-financed unit providing support for families with special needs children in Hong Kong with professional services including counselling, mental wellness assessment by clinical psychologists, speech-language pathology, occupational therapy and physical therapy. SKY aims at arranging suitable follow ups for each child with special educational needs (SEN) in order to re-develop their potentials and talents.


This year, our Kiss Mama Campaign invites you to present a special gift to mothers with SEN children during Mothers Day so that the SEN children will receive the needed professional assessment and follow ups while their parents will be provided with practical training and counselling.



Click for more details of The Salvation Army services for SEN children.



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Mother's Day Appeal 2018