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Christmas Appeal 2017

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Giving a Dream to Children Living Under Residential Childcare Service



Christmas is a season of love and joy and also a time to make dreams come true.


Hong Kong as an affluent and thriving city, most of our children grow up with quality education and warm family support. They could explore various possibilities and pursue their dreams.  However, not every child is so fortunate.  Due to various family issues (i.e. broken family relationships, parents with chronic illness and domestic abuse), some children have to live with foster families or under the Residential Childcare Service with other children from similar backgrounds.     


Residential Childcare Service does not just provide a stable home for the needy children and youth, enabling them to rebuild daily routine, it also helps to broaden their horizons and develop their potential for the future. As Scripture says, “For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function” (Romans 12:4), reminding us that each person has his or her own unique gift.  Our Residential Childcare Service encourages each of the children under our care to develop their potentials and go after their dreams through the various support programmes.


This Christmas, we invite you to support The Salvation Army Residential Childcare Service, helping us to replace worn out furniture and learning materials with new ones at our various childcare centres, providing a safe and comfortable home for our children. Your donation will also help to support a 12-sessons arts and languages course for our children and youth, helping them to fulfill their dreams.



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Christmas Appeal 2017