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Mid-autumn Festival Appeal 2017

Give the Needy Elderly a Safe Home


We so often worry about the natural disasters and wars happening in different parts of the world, as well as the conflicts and disputes in the society.  We all wish to live in a peaceful and safe environment.  That is probably why Chinese often would like to greet each other by wishing “peace and safety” for the young and old, and each other’s family.


For those elderly living in the community, home safety is very important to them.  With the gradual decline in physical abilities, the elderly is often confined within each of their communities, or even just their homes.  Therefore, home safety becomes one of their fundamental needs.


This Mid-Autumn, The Salvation Army would sincerely ask you to partner with us in providing a safe and comfortable living environment for the elderly singletons and elderly couples, through home repair and maintenance.  This service programme will help them to retire with peace, safety and happiness in their familiar living environment.



Give the Needy Elderly a Safe Home


According to the Government Census and Statistics Department 2016 Report, there are over 330,000 elderly living in poverty, that is 1 in every 3 elderly persons, and 60% of these are elderly singletons or elderly couples. For many like Uncle Shun Fan, they may overlook the importance of home safety while busy coping with basic living and medical needs. They often have to use makeshift methods to tackle their household maintenance problems which do not solve them completely. When accident happens, however, it usually brings irreversible consequences.


During this Mid-Autumn season, The Salvation Army invites you to support our “Home Environment Improvement Programme for the Elderly” which will provide small scaled home maintenance and improvement works for the elderly singletons and elderly couples. We hope to help them to build a safe, comfortable and happy home for their retirement.


Your donation will help the needy elderly with their much needed household maintenance and improvement works, reducing the safety hazards at their homes.


A HK$3,000 donation will provide the following services to an eligible elderly:

  • Professional home environment assessment
  • Small scaled home maintenance works (e.g. ceiling, wall and/or floor improvement)
  • Installation of elderly-friendly facilities (e.g. handrail and anti-slippery mats)
  • Replacement of potentially dangerous household appliances

A HK$450 donation will provide a telephone with sound amplifier and caller ID display to an eligible elderly, strengthening their connection with their families, friends and the community, enhancing their chances of obtaining the needed assistance. 

This service will cover the Yau Tsim Mong district, Sham Shui Po, Tai Po, Tai Wo Hau and Aberdeen areas.


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Your Monthly Donation enables us to provide practical support and care to meet the needs of

  • Families facing crisis
  • Vulnerable elderly
  • Children and youth
  • People with disabilities
  • The marginalized



Donate Mooncakes and Share the Festive Joy with the Elderly


We sincerely ask for your continued support for the upcoming Mooncake Collection campaign, to share the festive joy and love to the needy in the society.


Mooncake collection period: 13th to 26th September 2017

For the collection points, please refer to Chinese version.


*Moon cakes of the following type and conditions will not be accepted due to food hygiene and safety concerns: snowy moon cakes, moon cakes manufactured outside Hong Kong and Macau, moon cakes without individual packing and expired moon cakes.

Story of Uncle Shun Fan
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