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Lai See Appeal 2017

A Red Packet

A Blessing for all


Donate a red packet today to give hope and practical support for people in need.




Many single-parent families in difficulties need guidance on how to build a harmonious family. The Salvation Army supports parents to improve parental communications and teaching skills through home visits, counselling, parental activities and mass games in the community.

Story of Kit & his mom




There are many elders living alone or with elderly spouse in the community. They are in dire need of support without the help of other family members. The Salvation Army provides regular visits and home care services to support these elders to age in place.

Story of Uncle Tam




Helping the needy youth get back on track requires listening, acceptance, encouragement and companionship. The Salvation Army Service for Young Night Drifters provides hotline, escort, crisis intervention, group activities and counselling to build a healthy life for the youth in need.

Story of Shing


The donation you make to The Salvation Army will help change lives.


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Partner with us by donating a regular amount every month. In this way you can join us to help:

  • Families Facing Crisis            
  • Vulnerable Elders
  • Children and Youth        
  • People with Disabilities
  • The Marginalised Minorities



Lai See Appeal 2017
Story of Kit & his mom
Story of Uncle Tam
Story of Shing