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Family Adventure 2019

Event Cancellation

Taking into account of the uncertain factors, the Family Adventure 2019, originally scheduled on 10th Nov 2019, will be cancelled. Thank you for your support! The detailed arrangement of the cancellation will be announced through the website and email.
We have a secret mission for all little explorers. 
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Adventure Time for Little Explorers

This year, we would like to invite Superkids and your families to become explorers hunting for 25 checkpoints set inside the Kowloon Park within 75 minutes time limit and competing for the “Greatest Explorers Champion” Award. Superkids also need to display their observation and analytical power to finish the 3 experiential workshops and discover the treasures of nature.

Each explorer can bring their own adventure tools and is encouraged to put on their own costume to compete for the “Best Costume” Award. Join us in this meaningful and interesting adventure tour. The Adventure is out there!

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Event Information

10 November 2019 (Sun)

Game Area
Kowloon Park

Competition Schedule & Highlight
1)        10:00 – 12:15pm
2)        12:00 – 2:15pm
3)        1:00 – 3:30pm
4)        2:30 – 4:45pm
5)        3:30 – 5:45pm

Maximum 300 players per session, on a first-come-first-served basis
With the help of a wordless map, identify 25 checkpoints within 75 minutes time limit

2 to 4 members per team (must include 1 adult and 1 child aged 14 or below)

Enrolment Deadline & Last Payment Date
1 November 2019 (Friday), by 5:00PM

Minimum Fundraising Amount
HK$380/person; donation reach designated amount on or before 27 October 2019 (Friday) would be rewarded a Towel (Limited Edition).

Use of Donation
Support The Salvation Army Community Care Services

Coloring Competition
Join the coloring competition, first 50 participants will be awarded with 1 mysterious gift

Event web site:

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