Fundraising Programmes
Monthly Donation Scheme

Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan with abundant material supplies. Yet, many people in our community are still in need. There are elders who are too old and weak to leave their home. There are children from low-income families find it difficult to escape from the vicious cycle of poverty.  There are teenagers too troubled for family to cope with. There are marginalised miniorities lack of opportunities in society.

Join The Salvation Army Monthly Donation Scheme, your simple monthly gift will help us provide care and support to the people with the most need:

  • Families facing Crisis
  • Disadvantaged Elders
  • Children and Youth
  • People with Disabilities
  • The Marginalised Minorities
  • Disaster Survivors


Start from HK$100 a month:

  • You help more people - regular gifts keep administration cost low, and that frees up more of your donation to directly help people.
  • Your help is more effective - regular gifts mean we can plan care programmes in advance, to give certainty and make programmes even stronger.


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